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The making of a good inspector is more than having a construction-related background; it’s more than going to a Home Inspection School; it’s more than liking to meet new people, and it’s more than liking the building trades and having a keen interest in real estate. Though these characteristics are very helpful, they don’t take the place of good old fashion, on the job training.

Thinking that the aforementioned attributes would suffice in launching your Home Inspection business, may prove to be devastating. The reason for this, I believe, is the lack of understanding of the dynamics involved in the real estate transactions and actually knowing what is fully involved in running this sort of business. Learning from a veteran in the business is absolutely invaluable.

There are a number of individuals out there, particularly contractors, who are looking for a related line of work that can still help them pay the bills. Home Inspection work can do this for them, it did for me.

As a Home Inspector Trainer, I do not require much. I only require persistence, patience, and perseverance. These qualities are needed to achieve your goal in becoming a Professional Home Inspector. During your training, you will satisfy PA Law, by accompanying me (a Regular Member of a Home Inspector Assoc.), as I perform fee paid Home Inspections. You will learn the various dynamic relationships between Home Seller and Home Buyer, Buyer agents and Seller Agents, and how they all relate to the Home Inspector. You will learn the various home systems and components and how to inspect them. You will learn the various reporting systems and determine the system that is right for you, and much, much more. Ultimately, the best thing about this training is, that you will learn from a veteran in the Home Inspection Business, how to stay out of court.

Our inspection service area covers the metro Philadelphia area, the surrounding counties, and the State of Delaware.

If you believe I can be valuable to you in achieving your goal in becoming a Professional Home Inspector, don’t hesitate to give me a call. We sell blocks of 10 “Ride Along” certificates at a time. Contact my office for fee related inquiries, as our fees are subject to change. Your first payment is due at your first inspection with me. These Certificates are utilized to prove that you participated in a Fee Paid Inspection, as required by PA law.

Our dress code for participating in a Fee Paid inspection is a pair of Khaki pants and a 3 button Golf/staff shirt or Oxford shirt, and a comfortable pair of work shoes or boots.

If you have any question or wish to discuss participating in our new inspector training program, please don’t hesitate to call my office at 610-352-2212 or 610-734-2304.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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